Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Orlando con mi familia!

I'm in Orlando Florida with my lovely family. At first, I was less than thrilled about this vacation, but grandma is getting old. Who knows if she'll have another vacation with us? Who knows if I'll have another vacation with my family, or just about any of us? Momma would be proud of us I guess and if she'd be proud, then it's right. Family time is crucial, no matter how annoying they can get. You have to bite the bullet for the ones you love... and dislike. Day by day stuck in this villa going to these parks, everyone is bitching and moaning; I'm searching for a damn noose, but I know I'll look back and laugh with nostalgia. If you're not a Stepford family, you're suppose to be stressed together, you're suppose to argue together together, and ultimately stick together... that old bull sh*t. Clićhe, but da truth.

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