Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jade colored Waters

It was like nothing I’ve ever felt when I met this man. Being with him is like a Summertime in Orlando, a Christmastime when mom’s money was right, a barbecued Forth of July holiday complete with gargantuan, soft white glowing pom pom shaped fireworks bursting within my soul; my heart busting at the seams; it’s never grown so big. 

He started giving me silly guitar lessons, a buffer for our budding romance. I fed him chinese food the second date; the third, I meekly kissed his gorgeous mouth. He asked for the kiss, and I couldn’t help myself. It was that smile. He naturally posses the grin of a mischievous child, always on the prowl for exhilaration and for the most simplistic of life’s pleasures to be expanded to significance. To maximize joy to it's utmost value, a hedonist in a way. 

Playing Checkers, one of the many games we play

It’s a joke to me, the fact that I thought I knew what love was, what it felt like, what it even looked liked. But I knew the truth at first glance. It shined so brightly in the form of pale peachy skin, dirty blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile so charismatic and endearing I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself but squeak out my name when it was asked. Being in a relationship on crutches when I met him, I knew that his smile proposed a threat to everything I struggled to build with my ex boyfriend. I had to make myself scarce, run away!  If what I felt when I was around him authentic and consistent, I was fucked. But it is what is is. What's meant to be is meant to be, and it's foolish to deny yourself of what you truly desire. No use in fighting gravity, trying to fly away forever. What comes up, must come down. Simple physics. 
We met through a chancy, mutual friend type of situation, a sort of unavoidable double date set up. My girlfriend’s boyfriend and him were roommates and friends. A set up too perfect that gods must have matched us. A match made in heaven.  
The first time I locked eyes with him I knew this was something else. His energy was broad, almost a spectacle of a person. He looked at me as if he wanted me to challenge him, almost absorbing my eccentricities, accepting it unjudging; even offering me his own quirks. I tested him, wondering if he’d be freaked out by my freaky nature. Turns out he’s nut himself.  I feel like I’ve met my match. Sometimes I feel like he’s better than I, he’s much more responsible than I, after all he is a few years older than I. I look up to him, he’s my role model. I'm a better woman now. I've never been so inspired. 

We have this idea, I am the moon, and he is the sun. And our earth is non existent without either. 
I’ve never felt something like this. It's been merely 6 months since our rocket launched, and I hope we see many galaxies together. Maybe it’s magic? Maybe it’s love? Life happens; what'll happen next?   

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