Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've really become enamored by this 60's, 70's bombshell look, looks done by iconic women: Bridget Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, Catherine Deneuve, but of course with a darker edge to it. Lately, I've felt the desire to embrace my sensual side as far as looks and nothing says sensual like loose, long voluminous curly locks. Nevertheless, I have this other side who craves to harvest the inner child in my style. One day I'll wear converse, overalls and pigtails and the other I'll wear a short dress, eff me pumps and the bombshell curls. I'm enjoying the flip flop, I find it exciting.

 - Jade Elodie 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red Velvet Love

Shoes from Top Shop, Leather Leggings from F21, Gorgeous Silk and Velvet top from GoodWill. A well balanced outfit as far as savings!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Are your thoughts inside your mind, wanting to be free?

HUGE shout out to Alex Marin for taking these! He's terrific and my Best Friend!
 I hope you guys like the editing I did on the photographs! I went kinda HAM, but me gusta! But the real excitement is this dress! A $2.99 BCBGMAXAZRIA dress from Goodwill bitches! It ain't so bad being a starving artist! 
I so channeled that movie Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman! It was a childhood favorite!
- Jade Elodie

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh Em Geezus: Nasty Gal August Lookbook

I went on the Nasty Gal website to web window shop,  like I often do, and the video on the website homepage nearly made me faint, it was so amazing. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Feeling

Something has fallen in this still, calm room. 

A silent, blunt singular drop, echoing in waves throughout the room. The echoes, loud at first, then steadily declining; a decrescending mantra. 
Not a breathing creature is the cause, it is the drop of a bright scarlet sentiment in a room filled with pale peaceful monochrome moonlight. 

Eyelids flip open, glazed with plentiful, yet insufficient slumber; the shock of woken sleep dwells; Sandman’s foot is not yet out of the door.
The sound of the dropped sentiment slowly dissolves into nothing, nevertheless, it was there; a sly phantom. 
It plays deftly in one’s sub conscience, soft and faded when sleep returns. The room is calm once more; moonlight proceeds to float on the walls. 
A sour dream forgotten, it’s essence lingering pungent like forgotten food.

By Jade Elodie 

Friday, August 3, 2012

South of France Photographs

Someday I'll live in Europe. Someday.
- Jade Elodie

Love and Lust: The Fraternal Twins

So you think you’ve met Mr. or Mrs. right. You can’t stop thinking about them. You conjure up excuses to bring them up in every conversation.  An imaginary photograph of their smile is branded into your thoughts. The thought of their touch is crippling. Ah yes! It must be love because you’ve never felt anything like this before. To lose them would be the end of your world and the idea of never finding someone like them on the planet is horrifying.
Have you considered that perhaps your unrelenting passion for this person just may be lust? There’s a thin line between love and lust, and very often the line dissolves and the two feelings bombard each other. It’s our job to understand love and lust thoroughly and possess the ability to distinguish the two emotions. Ask yourself questions. Do you genuinely like their personality? Do you enjoy their company? Do you have stable, and secure trust in eachother? Can you hypothetically endure platonic relationship?
Put your relationship to the test. Withdraw from each other’s bodies and indulge in each other’s minds. The human mind is rigged to associate sex with love, so it’s completely natural to have those feelings. Nevertheless, when the clothes come on, the lights turn on and all you have is non sexual communication, will it suffice for a strong and healthy relationship with longevity?
And there's nothing wrong with having a little more of one than the other, just be clear on what you feel for each other. Love and Lust are like fraternal twins, from the same pregnancy, yet two different eggs, two different sperms, two different people... Terrible, terrible analogy, but you get the darn gist!
- Jade Elodie