Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Foot Massage Please!

Resting my feet on Fulton Street

I mean, I'm totally not Gothic, or worship Satan; none of that craziness, but I just loved this outfit!
I bought these Creeper months ago from Urban online, and they were too bloody small! My feet fit into them, but my little baby toes were scrunched up, crying for freedom! But I am tenacious little sucker, so I actually went to my classes in them.
Let's just say, I didn't come back from my classes.
Goodness, I  had to make a pit stop at the library because the shoes were causing fiery havoc in my Achilles tendons and  big toe! I remained at the library for 4 hours. Then I crawled back to my dormitory. After clawing them off, I found terrible blisters on the backs of my ankles. Then I chucked them to the back of my closet where they gathered dust.
Until I took them to a shoe repair man in Williamsburg where he stretched them bad boys out! BOO YAH! I can kind of wear them! I mean, they aren't walking the length of Manhattan shoes, but I can rock them decently. Mama always said to me as she raked through my afro puffs as a child: Pain is Beauty.... and ain't that the truth!
- Jade Elodie

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