Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie Review: Shame

Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in SHAME. 
First and for most, I would like to admit to my obsession with actor Michael Fassbender which was the driving force for me seeing the movie in the first place. I've become enamored by his wide variety of movie roles he continues to choose,showcasing his undeniable talent; how he attacks each role with maturity and honesty that I do not see in mainstream actors these days. From Magneto in X Men First Class to a doctor in A Dangerous Method, he is simply outstanding. Maybe it's his appearance: sharp, bright, attacking eyes, hollow cheeks and sharp bone structure and his lean and slim body which strikes me so. I don't know, but I have a jones for this man.
Ahem, anyway! Back to the movie.
On a scale from 1-5, I give it a 41/2. The long dragged out scenes of him jogging just about annoyed me, probably a stylistic choice of director Steve Mc Queen, but I could absolutely do without it.
I loved the rawness of the film; the candid shots of the NYC I intimately know where accurate. At times in such a populated city, you can manage to find yourself lonely, and I remembered that feeling watching the movie.
And Yes, this was a movie about a man's severe addiction to sex, and man did the film have a lot of it; countless scenes of Fassbender's character " Brandon" uncontrollably wanking off when he would get that feeling. Sex with prostitutes, random woman and whoever gave it up to him made me wonder how many STD's he had. Lol.
The audience waited for him to have sex with his visiting younger sister played by the AMAZING Carrie Mulligan( Who I also have a jones for ;)) but they didn't, thank god. I would have pooped an golden egg if they did.
The most shocking part that left me clenching my butt cheeks in horror was when he entered a gay S&M club to receive oral sex from a stranger. Yeah, he hit rock bottom and continued that night on a sex binge.... It was very uncomfortable to watch, but that's what I love in a movie: The ability to make me uncomfortable.
Well Done!
 I recommend this movie to anyone who likes scandalous films that do NOT hold back. This isn't a family movie by any means. It recieved a double whammy rating of NC-17. Michael Fassbender's johnson is shown throughout the entire film.
 Yeah, it went there.

 Jade Élodie

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