Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bad Ass...

So, this me on New Years. I'll reveal some random things about this photo and me.

  1. - I'm drinking some orange soda. I rarely drink. It's so pointless to me and it tastes like ass cheeks. 
  2. - My grandma bought me the fake fur coat I'm rocking. Got to love her
  3. - Isn't the ring bad ass?!?! My finger was cut up when the night was through. 
  4. - I love looking mean in photos. It looks good on me rather than smiling. Eww. I should have been born in those days when smiling was unacceptable in photographs. 
  5. - I wore this hat because my hair was EFFED UP!
  6. - This was one if the best nights ever. 

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