Friday, August 3, 2012

Love and Lust: The Fraternal Twins

So you think you’ve met Mr. or Mrs. right. You can’t stop thinking about them. You conjure up excuses to bring them up in every conversation.  An imaginary photograph of their smile is branded into your thoughts. The thought of their touch is crippling. Ah yes! It must be love because you’ve never felt anything like this before. To lose them would be the end of your world and the idea of never finding someone like them on the planet is horrifying.
Have you considered that perhaps your unrelenting passion for this person just may be lust? There’s a thin line between love and lust, and very often the line dissolves and the two feelings bombard each other. It’s our job to understand love and lust thoroughly and possess the ability to distinguish the two emotions. Ask yourself questions. Do you genuinely like their personality? Do you enjoy their company? Do you have stable, and secure trust in eachother? Can you hypothetically endure platonic relationship?
Put your relationship to the test. Withdraw from each other’s bodies and indulge in each other’s minds. The human mind is rigged to associate sex with love, so it’s completely natural to have those feelings. Nevertheless, when the clothes come on, the lights turn on and all you have is non sexual communication, will it suffice for a strong and healthy relationship with longevity?
And there's nothing wrong with having a little more of one than the other, just be clear on what you feel for each other. Love and Lust are like fraternal twins, from the same pregnancy, yet two different eggs, two different sperms, two different people... Terrible, terrible analogy, but you get the darn gist!
- Jade Elodie

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